Best Ballito Self Catering Accommodation

Ballito, often referred to as the Caribbean of the North Coast is a popular destination for tourists, holidaymakers, beach-lovers, and even residents in the eastern coast of South Africa. Less than a seven-hour drive or one hour flight, Ballito is accessible for guests travelling from Johannesburg, although Ballito is also welcoming to international visitors thanks to the convenient King Shaka International Airport less than half an hour out of central Ballito. Shaka’s Rock, Salt Rock and Ballito are characterised by the lush coastal aesthetic which stunningly meets the Natal coastline and warm Indian Ocean. From surfing to golfing, Ballito offers its guests an abundance of leisure while offering attractive and comfortable accommodation options. Among some of these accommodation choices are self-catering options which afford guests the flexibility of planning their stay accordingly. 

Below are some advantages to opting for Ballito self catering accommodation: 

• Self-catering accommodation are more affordable options for guests as they eliminate additional accommodation charges for food and generally provide a higher value for money option for your stay. 

• Self-catering accommodation allows you the flexibility to eat what, when and where you want throughout the duration of your stay. The worries about dietary requirements or other meal regiments are eliminated as you remain in control of what you eat. 

• Another great advantage is the flexibility to leave the accommodation and return at your leisure without worrying about missing a meal! Whether you’re in the mood to practice your culinary skills or order in a pizza, self-catering accommodation gives you this freedom. 

This article will list some of the best options for self-catering accommodation in Ballito to help make planning for your next trip that much easier!

1) Sunshowers Ballito 

Sunshowers Ballito is an excellent self-catering option located on Compensation Road in Ballito. The three-bedroom guesthouse stands majestically on the Ballito beachfront boasting magnificent sea views with an array of amenities including a fully equipped kitchen and barbeque facilities. Sunshowers Ballito can house up to 10 adults with the comforts of air-conditioning, televisions, and a gorgeous garden. 

2) Zimbali View Eco Guesthouse 

Zimbali View Eco Guesthouse is nothing short of a beachside mansion. Situated above Salmon Bay, Zimbali View Eco Guesthouse provides its guests with stunning ocean views from every suite. Various room options provide guests with the freedom to book what best suits their needs. Air conditioning, satellite TV, a refrigerator, an ensuite bathroom, and a safety deposit box are some of the many amenities offered at Zimbali View Eco Guesthouse. Although the accommodation is self-catering a complimentary breakfast is provided with other catering options available. There is a shared picnic/barbeque area as well as a bar/lounge area. 

3) Zimbali Lodge

How can you speak about accommodation in Ballito and not include the fabulous Zimbali Lodge? Zimbali Lodge offers its guests a stunning accommodation option at the prestige Zimbali Lodge Hotel in the Zimbali Coastal Estate. Tall, tropical palm trees and an amazing, crystal blue infinity pool are some signature characteristics of Zimbali Lodge. The colonial style rooms at Zimbali lodge provide views of the lush forests of Zimbali or the manicured Zimbali golf course. The Zimbali Lodge accommodation is mostly self-catering with the addition of a full English Breakfast. It is difficult to decide how to spend your time at Zimbali lodge with an abundance of activities available from sports and gym facilities to a spa and wellness centre. 

4) Sands Beach Breaks Ballito

The Sands Beach Breaks Ballito is a beachfront luxury apartment resort located along the water’s edge of the Ballito Prominade. The leisure complex provides its guests with security and convenience while ensuring that guests are never too far from the action in Ballito. Various apartment options provide guests with one or two-bedroom suites which can accommodate up to four people. Suites are equipped with en-suite bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and dining amenities, television and Wi-Fi, an outdoor balcony, a barbeque area and access to a beautiful swimming pool. The Sands Beach Breaks Ballito provides convenient, walking distance to the beach promenade or delicious restaurants making it a great holiday option. 

5) Zimbali Suites 


The Zimbali Suites are an absolute gem for those looking for luxurious self-catering accommodation options. Located within the lush coastal estate of Zimbali, the suites boast gorgeous ocean or forest views and access to a wide array of facilities from the gym to the spa. The Zimbali suites are beautifully finished with great living amenities including kitchen spaces, dishwashers, and dining areas. The Zimbali Suites truly offer the highest levels of luxury accommodation with the flexibility of self-catering options. Convenient access to the private Zimbali beach or scrumptious dining options is another attractive aspect of the Zimbali Suites. Whether you’re looking for a private solo escape, a couples retreat or a small family trip the Zimbali Suites will accommodate you comfortably. The Zimbali Suites are definitely one of the best options for self-catering accommodation in Ballito. 

6) Zimbali Heritage Place

Zimbali Heritage Place is a stunning house accommodation option for guests looking to stay in Ballito. This self-catering, opulent mansion will not leave its guests wanting more. The gorgeous Balinese aesthetic and opulent interior provides up to ten guests a luxury stay in the Zimbali Coastal estate. The fully furnished home offers its guests everything they could need for a lovely self-catering getaway, including a private pool! 

7) Ballito Hills Lifestyle Estate 

The Ballito Hills Lifestyle Estate prides itself in great guest reviews and satisfaction. The luxury apartments include an equipped kitchen, amenities such as dishwashers and washing machines, and access to a swimming pool or spa facility. These one-bedroom apartments are perfect for single or coupled travellers looking to experience some of that Ballito magic. 

8) The Capital Zimbali

The Capital Zimbali is a flagship accommodation experience within Ballito. The grand Capital Zimbali Hotel overlooks a beautiful swimming pool surrounded by the lush natal greenery. Although breakfast options and other room service options are included, there are self-catering options at the Capital Zimbali. There is a myriad of facilities available to hotel guests from a fitness centre to a spa and wellness area. 

9) Eden Palms Luxury Apartments 

Eden Palms Luxury self-catering apartments offer their guests a secure and private getaway within Ballito. Located near Shaka’s rock, these furnished apartments include en-suite bathrooms, ocean views and private patios. With apartments capable of accommodating up to four people, the Eden Palms Luxury Apartments are a great option for couples or small families looking to stay in Ballito.

10) Ballito Manor 

The Ballito Manor luxury apartments are situated on Ballito’s main Willard Beach and offer its guests stunning ocean views as well as comfortable, private living spaces. The Ballito Manor apartments include a large open-plan kitchen with a separate scullery and living area. With enough space for up to six guests, the Ballito Manor luxury apartments are the perfect base for an enjoyable stay in Ballito with high ratings for cleanliness, safety, and value for money.